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Electric scooters are non-geared and run like a regular two-wheeler on electricity,with the powertrain replaced with an electric motor..Electric Bike are geared, and only differ in the performance.The luggage space and weight are other key differences between an electric scooter and electric bike.
EeVe has 4 variants of electric scooters in the market, namely EeVe Wind, EeVe Xenia, EeVe Your, EeVe 4U. EeVe will be launching its flagship electric bike, EeVe Forseti soon.

Yes, You can easily charge your electric scooter at your home. EeVe electric scooters have Power Cord that allows easy charging with a regular plug.

The general range of electric scooters is 60-70 km in one single charge of around 7-8 hours. But this varies according to the type of electric battery that is being used in the electric vehicle.
Electric scooters at EeVe have a range of 60-70 km for EeVe Xenia and EeVe 4U variants as they are lithium-ion electric battery based vehicles. While the range for the EeVe Wind and EeVe Your is between 50-60 km as they are lead-acid electric battery based vehicles. To know why there are variations, read key differences between lithium ion and lead acid vehicles.

For a Lithium-ion battery variant electric scooter, the charging time is between 3 to 4 hours and for Lead-acid based battery, it is between 7 to 8 hours. EeVe has EeVe Wind, EeVe Your as the lea

In Keyless entry, you can lock/unlock and start your EeVe electric scooters with the remote provided, hence the key isn’t needed.

Download the AerTrak App from Play Store or App Store and login using the registered e-mail ID for accessing the feature of your EeVe from your phone.

EeVe offers extra features like Warranty on our vehicles i.e 5 years, Internet of things enabling, Keyless Entry, Geo-Tagging, USB Port for charging and GPS integration. These things combined help us to stand apart from our competitors.

EeVe electric scooters has a Bosch motor of 250W power. Bosch motors are of the highest quality and that is one of the reasons we are confident enough to give a warranty of 5 years. We have covered more on the importance of Bosch motors here.

Battery percentage is shown on the dashboard of the electric scooter. An approximate km that the electric scooter can travel is displayed on the electronic display. The value is based on the sensor data.