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  • I've heard that electric scooters don't require a license to ride them and it does not require registration or insurance?
    Electric scooters are categorised in two category , all vehicles with power of less than 250 Watt does not require license and registration and can be used by anybody for daily work . All our models currently are in sub 250 watt category .
  • How do I know the no. of kms which is left when vehicle is in motion
    digital indicator bar in speedometer panel shows how much charge is left in the vehicle
  • Is the electric vehicle rainproof , alternatively what precaution do i need to take
    Yes all the major components and wiring are waterproof , however major flooding may cause a problem
  • How much time does it takes to charge the vehicle and how much it would cost me
    Lithium and Lead batteries would approx take 5-7 hours for fully charging and approx 2 units of electricity would be consumed
  • What do i do incase charge runs out on the road
    Our vehicles are comes with two pin plug which allows charging at practically any place such as roadside stationery shop/garage , the vehicle can be charged almost at any location and does not require a charging station specifically
  • Can it be charged at home if yes how
    Lithium batteries are detachable and can be carried to your home for seamless charging through normal household plug and for the lead acid an extension plug point to the vehicle would be required for charging .
  • What is the expected life of the battery
    Lithium battery life cycle is 1500 days and for lead batteries life cycle is 900 days
  • What is the battery replacement cost
    Lithium battery would cost approx 22000 and lead battery set of 5 would cost approx 12000/-
  • Are Lihtium Ion battery safe to use
    Yes it is very safe because we are using high quality BMS (battery management system) and cells which are tested for extreme weather conditions such as in India
  • I have heard the range will be affected post continuous use of the battery for several months is it true
    In case of proper charging and prolong usage battery life cycle as mentioned above would be maintained.
  • Does the vehicle require regular servicing
    Unlike conventional vehicle it does not require any servicing or oil or filter change which would result in substantial savings
  • Where all the vehicle is available in India
    Our dealership are spread across India. You may also get in tocuh with us incase your city is not showing in our dealer network savings
  • When i order online how much it would take for delivery of vehicle
    If your chosen model is available we can deliver in a weeks time across india post completion of formalities
  • When i order online how much it would take for delivery of vehicle
    If your chosen model is available we can deliver in a weeks time across india post completion of formalities
  • What safety features does the scooter's have
    Dual Disc brakes for better braking, larger wheel base for stability, very strong tubular chassis frame for prevention of accident. Anti theft lock, parking mode etc.
  • Does the scooter has USB to charge my cell phone
    Yes our all models have USB port to charge you cell phone as well as Front storage case to keep you cell phone safely.
  • What is the standard warranty on these scooters
    Standard warranty is for 2 years
  • Can i get a finance for these vehicles
    Yes we had finance tie-up with banks.
  • How can i take a test drive , do i have to pre book a test drive
    You may visit our dealership , alternatively you book a test drive at our website
  • Can i take the test drive at my residence?
    yes it can be done at our residence or office or at any location as per your convenient time and place